Organizational Change Advisor | CMC, CCMP

Louise’s expertise and passion is equipping and helping people design and implement valuable and effective change in their organizations. For over 25 years, Louise has led and advised the development and implementation of innovative technological, process, and organization change initiatives in large and small organizations.  She has worked in various industry sectors including healthcare, finance, insurance, education, and transportation.

Louise has always held a people-centric focus to any organizational change. She believes the purpose of any  organization change is to enable the individuals within the organization to be more effective in executing the mission and business of the organization. She combines structured methodologies with out-of-the box thinking techniques and visual tools to empower people to discover new opportunities for addressing challenges and reaching organization goals and professional development aspirations. Louise has trained and helped individuals across all levels of the organization apply these tools and  techniques to scope and plan change initiatives. These techniques enable change leaders to define clear stakeholder value, support holistic risk management and motivate commitment and collaboration across executive, employees, and external partners.

Louise’s passion for helping organizations advance in collaborative, people centric design led her to embark on a PhD in 2016, researching ways of engaging stakeholders in transformation design more effectively and with less time and effort. The insights gained in her applied research proved invaluable to the organizations involved. From these insights, Louise developed a unique blend of education and consulting that can easily be customized to any organization to improve their change capability in the midst of ongoing change.

Louise is an accomplished speaker, educator and hands on consultant. She is a lecturer at Memorial University in Canada and founder of the Change Design Institute.



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