Project Description


Our proven service design processes leverage input from key stakeholders from outside and within the organization and combine it with real world observation to determine the changes necessary to optimize service processes. In addition, we align processes with industry standards and best practices to ensure that our clients’ organizations remain competitive while differentiating themselves from the competition.

Qualified Consultants

Our team of qualified consultants are experts at helping organizations manage the rapid change and complexities inherent in service operations. They have spent their careers working in, leading, and advising service operations and solving the challenging problems in a variety of industries.

Service Design Process

We can help you design your service processes from scratch or reengineer existing processes to take your organization to the next level of performance. We leverage our expertise and experience to align your new processes with industry standards and best practices, thereby ensuring your success.

Our Approach

Your processes and operating procedures will be examined to identify opportunities for improvement that will enable the organization to deliver the most efficient service at the right level of quality to customers. Service design process and reengineering projects typically include:

  • Complete review of all detailed processes
  • Analysis and identification of failure points in current processes
  • Process redesign and creation of new process flows and descriptions
  • Alignment of new processes to industry standards and best practices
  • Determination of any systems impact and required enhancements
  • Analysis of resource requirements necessary to execute new processes
  • Change management training and roll out to the organization
  • Creation of measures of success and key performance indicators
  • Monitoring and tracking of performance to ensure success


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