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Catalyst Strategies helps you build value in your business by design, not by default. Regardless of whether you are trying to grow, exit, or transfer your business to family we can help. Building value is our passion and focus.

We believe that successful business growth is transformational, not transactional. We work with you to identify and improve the key drivers of your business and work with you to mitigate risks and optimize performance.

Preparing your business for growth or sale is a multi-step process designed with one goal in mind – maximizing the value of your business at exit. Even if you’re not wanting to sell your business now, it’s important to create a business that is “built to sell.” Business owners leave a lot to chance and will not get the most value out of their business if they’re not ready for prime time.

Your best approach to adding value in your business is to gradually implement key changes to your business to maximize its value. Basically, anything that increases transparency, efficiency, revenue or profitability, or decreases risk or costs, should be considered.



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