Our professional and qualified consultants draw upon years of experience, expertise, and education to provide a variety of services that solve the challenging problems that our clients’ face when trying to remove the blind spots in their business.

Our unique service model is designed to have our consultants work for our clients both on a strategic and operative level. We have the capacity to work the entire way from idea to implementation and offer a dispersed model of a la carte options that delivers superior value and meaningful results.


Business Risk Analysis

Catalyst Strategies helps you assess the financial risk in your organization. Business risk analysis creates and captures value for our clients because our unique methodologies uncover many financial opportunities and/or cost savings for business owners.


Change Management & Change Design

We understand that change can be difficult for people and organizations. Our consultants apply their knowledge and expertise to take a structured approach to managing changes in your organization to ensure that they are thoroughly and smoothly implemented so that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.


Employee Experience Design

We help organizations in a variety of industries improve design their employee experiences to improve their employees’ perceptions of everything that happens when they interact with your organization, from recruiting to onboarding, to career path development and offboarding.


Information Technology Consulting

We work with you to understand your technology needs and to fill the gaps to make your organization more efficient and effective. From technical to strategic aspects of information technology and systems architecture, we pride ourselves in delivering practical consulting services that enhance your business and increase productivity.


Innovation Strategy Consulting

We support our clients’ innovation objectives by removing the blind spots that impede performance and accelerating the execution that leads to profitable results. Combining strategy, metrics, governance, road-mapping, pathfinding, financial modeling, change management, and sustainable practices, we help you take your ideas to implementation.


Organization Design

Catalyst Strategies can help you design or redesign your organization for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to service and support your customers. We work with you to evaluate your current organizational structure, interview key management personnel and determine if the current functional structure is aligned to meet your future strategic objectives.


Product and Service Development Consulting

We will help you ideate and design products and services by helping you align your strategic planning with your innovation priorities. If you have an idea, we can help you develop rapid proofs of concepts that enable you to iterate and move to minimal viable products quickly, efficiently, and effectively so that you can confidently scale to production.


Service Design

We help organizations in a variety of industries re-engineer their service processes to delight customers, create better work environments for employees, improve operational efficiency and overall business performance.


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