Project Description


Catalyst Strategies helps you assess the financial risk in your organization. Business risk analysis creates and captures value for our clients because our unique methodologies uncover many financial opportunities and/or cost savings for business owners. We work with you to uncover financial risks in your business/corporate structure as your business grows or gets started.

Using a visual dashboard approach, we are able to show you in real time where potential gaps are in your business structure. We take a collaborative approach to discover what crucial questions to ask your other key advisors (lawyers, accountant, tax specialists, and financial advisors) so you achieve the results you are looking for.

We provide you with a road map within 48 hours that will help you see what things need to be taken care of now, in the near future and what priorities that can wait, but you need be aware of.

Our philosophy is to encourage an environment where revenues can grow and shareholder value can be created without jeopardizing stability or compromising your efforts to date.



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